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Stumbled upon the “Hard Times” website/blog?  Awesome!  What are you – drunk?  High on pot?  No problem!  Go through the house to the backdoor (there’s a screen there, don’t try to walk through it) and there’s a cooler out there.  We’re firing up the grill in about an hour.  And don’t hit on any of our girlfriends.

So what is “Hard Times?”  It’s an out-of-workplace comedy web series created by Michael Ferrell and Shawn Patrick Murphy.  We are currently in production, meaning that we are scrapping and scraping for time and locations to film funny scenes and putting them together to make episodes that will be about 3-5 minutes in length and 3-5 chortles in laughs.

Once we are ready to put Season One out on the internet, we’ll let you know, and you can follow the antics of two out-of-work guys as they search for jobs everyday in this tough economic climate.  And, of course, have some wacky adventures along the way.

Stay tuned.  And enjoy the party.  But don’t take any Stella, that’s Shawn’s and he’s a dick about it.


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