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The summer has been filled with Hard Times so far.  First Michael Jackson died then Sarah Palin quit.  Only one of them knew where Bucharest was.

But things are going to get a little brighter come August 3rd, because Hard Times Episode 1: “Be the Rat” will be released worldwide (China doubtful) over God’s great internet.  And by God I mean Al Gore and Kevin Smith.

We are also planning a PREMIERE PARTY for episodes 1-3 of “Hard Times,” location and time to be determined (probably Brooklyn where I stay at).  But one thing’s for sure: it will be BYOB.

To whet the appetite, here’s a rock and roll video by Fantasie Rock of a song called “Hard,” a version of which is our theme song for “Hard Times: An Out-of-Workplace Comedy.”

So remember – August 3rd we premiere.  By the way, I’m kicking around slogans, how’s this one: “Get Hard!”


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