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Dropping it like it’s hot on a Monday as we do, here’s Episode 2 – Adam’s Gay Roommate.  Filmed in my apartment with my actual (now ex-) roommate.  Also filmed at Urban Rustic, an awesome coffee shop/restaurant/grocery in my )now ex-) neighborhood.

Note from Michael:

I started writing “Hard Times” when I was still looking for a job.  I am an actor and writer with almost a decade of restaurant experience, so I was in and out of restaurants everyday.  Sucked.  While we were in production, I was working at a new restaurant when I got hired at a new media production company in New York City, making my first ever “salary” and receiving “health benefits.” I even made enough to pay our editor!  Ironically, on the premiere date of HARD TIMES – Episode 1, I spent the morning announcing to the world that my web series was out, and the afternoon getting let go from my job in new media production.  So now my web series is taking off, but I’m back on HARD TIMES…for real.  At least I have more time to do all the things I couldn’t do when I had a job.  After all, you can’t drink all day without starting in the morning.


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