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So I googled “‘Hard Times’ comedy” to see what happens, and I learned this bit of news: MTV greenlit a new scripted comedy called “Hard Times,” a show about a 15 year-old kid with a big dick.

So…what happens now? We’ve got our little no-budget web series called “Hard Times” that’s been online since August 3rd, but now the super troopers at Viacom have purchased a similar product, also titled “Hard Times” (similar in that both are scripted comedies, our characters ‘Derek’ and ‘Adam’ actually have tiny penises). I guess maybe…nothing? We’ll get our few hundred to a few thousand views and then MTV will come out with their “Hard Times” show and no one will care. Or. Maybe I will receive a “cease and desist” letter even though our show was out already. Maybe that doesn’t matter? Maybe people will search “hard times” in youtube, etc. and our show will receive tens of thousands more views because of it. Maybe MTV won’t like that and I will be assassinated.

Dear MTV, please don’t assassinate me. I grew up with you. I remember the man on the moon and all that shit. When Real World 1 came out I was glued to the TV. Yes, I have since turned on you. No, I haven’t watched you in over a decade cause you have nothing to offer anyone over the age of nothing. But still.

Maybe this will help us get publicity. In the world of web series and DIY entertainment, what happens when this happens? Well, newteevee, tilzy, tubefilter, etc. – you have your story.

Stay tuned for Episode 3 of HARD TIMES (or, soon to be known as DIFFICULT TIMES THAT DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH VIACOM)…

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