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“Stoop Sale” is a new comedy web series created by Michael Ferrell (me) and Devin Sanchez, written by Michael Ferrell (me again), and directed by Douglas Hosdale.

After co-creating and co-producing “Hard Times,” I had an idea to produce a comedy web series that takes place in only one location over a short period of time with a small cast and story arch.  I came up with “Stoop Sale,” a six-episode web series filmed entirely over one weekend at one location.  And the best news of all?  We got a sponsorship for this one: Mud Coffee!

“Stoop Sale” is about a young couple, Brad and Daisy, who recently broke up and decided to both leave their New York City apartment.  On the weekend before they move, however, they are selling a lot of their stuff in a “stoop sale.”  In each episode, new characters pop in and out of the stoop sale, forcing Brad and Daisy to deal with everything from violent neighborhood guys, ex-boyfriends, apathetic family members, and of course, each other.

For “Stoop Sale” I teamed up with Devin Sanchez, who recently starred in Michael Stahl-David’s “Behind the Star” and Douglas Hosdale, director, producer, writer, etc. to create what we think is a very funny show.  We were also fortunate enough to cast amazingly talented and hilarious New York City actors as guest stars: Chris Chalk, D.H. Johnson, Josh Tyson, Rachel Axelrod, Stephanie Lovell, Lonny Friedman, Jay Pluck, Jamie Dunn, and Douglas McKeown, along with some bonus cameos and improv scenes from even more of New York’s talent pool of comedy.

Be on the lookout for some promos and teasers – we are currently in post-production and expect Episode 1 to drop early February 2010.


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